Front Wing 670 Kite Race – 570 cm2

CHF 480.00

Pure racing performance from the Moses Racing Division

IKA registered 2020/2024

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Pure racing performances from the Moses Racing Division!

Designed to reduce drag and produce the best possible hydrodynamic performance.

If I should choose a characteristic of this race wing, I would say „control„. Being confident at 38 knots is a big thing.

IKA registered 2020/2024

Pack content:

  • 1x W670 Wing 670 Kite Race
  • 1x Flat Head Screw torx M6x16mm
  • 2x Flat Head Screw torx M6x20mm
Surface 570 cm2
Root Chord 115 mm
Span 670 mm
Aspect Ratio 7.8


  • Mast 106 Carbon Tuttle Kite
  • Fuselage 604 Kite Race
  • Stabilizer 421 Kite/Wind Race
  • 1 x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x16 and 2 x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x20