Mast 106 Carbon Tuttle Kite

CHF 1'599.00

The pinnacle of Moses Racing Division. IKA registered 2020/2024

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The mast of of Moses Hydrofoil Racing Division

From cutting the different layers to the choice of the wood core inside, everything in this full carbon, high modulus 12k mast is scientifically designed to put you in front of the feet.

IKA registered 2020/2024

Moses racing foils are made of high modulus carbon to ensure the highest rigidity and torsion resistance.

The technical choice to use a high modulus carbon is due to its characteristic of having a minimum elongation.

Micro fractures on the mast caused by accidental collisions or by freestyle use of your race specific foil can cause the mast to break suddenly.

For this reason, we recommend to check the mast carefully after a collision and avoid to jump with your Moses race foil